Some frequently asked questions about the project

  1. Q: Why do you need another cricket pitch? A: Because the club has been so successful and has grown there is not enough capacity with only one pitch. Also the ground is being used more and more for Wiltshire games both adult and junior which has put pressure on pitch availability.
  2. Q: Who is the affordable housing for? A: That has not been decided. It is up to the local community to decide this and there will be a full consultation process before any decisions are made.
  3. Q: Has planning permission been applied for? A: No this is merely a concept at this stage for the local community to comment on. Planning permission will only be applied for if there is sufficient local support.
  4. Q: Why do you need four bedroomed houses? ? A: Without some building of this nature there would not be enough to fund a new community centre. Building these houses is a key enabler for the project.
  5. Q: This development appears to be outside the current village building line? A: That is correct but this line can be changed if the community supports it.
  6. Q: Is this project sustainable both environmentally and financially? A: We believe so on both counts. The latest environmentally friendly and efficient building processes will be employed for any construction.
  7. Q: Will the new community centre compete with the pub? A: No as it fulfils a different function and will not provide meals for example. It will have a bar in the same way the club does today and will have a function room in the same way the village hall does but it is not envisaged these facilities will compete directly with the pub.
  8. Q: Is this part of a wider Parish Neighbourhood Plan? A: The concept has been discussed with the Parish Council who are beginning the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan for local consultation and whether this scheme is included in that or not will depend on what the local community decide.
  9. Q: Who has paid for all the activity on developing this concept so far?  A: To date any costs have been funded, where appropriate, by the Langford Beer Festival.
  10. Q: What professional advice have you taken? A: We have had professional advice from Chartered Accountants, an architect, the Charity Commission and solicitors specialising in charity law.