The Vision


  • Due to its success the Cricket Club has outgrown its current facilities and is in need of a second pitch. Also the existing pitch is not ideal especially with its short boundary and proximity to Edgars Close.
  • Although extremely well run, the current pavilion and village hall are struggling to support the recreational needs of our community. We see this as an ideal opportunity to replace and combine both into one much better, more useful and efficient building.
  • The Management Trustees of the Recreation Ground have felt for some time that this kind of development needs to be put into place and The Langford Beer Festival, which was set up for the very purpose of financing the planning and execution of such a scheme, now has sufficient resources to do so.


Below is a vision of what could be built to meet the needs of our community now and in the future. This will encompass not just cricket, football and other sports but any future community activity that needs outdoor space to be performed. This is a concept at this stage, not a planning application, which has been produced to enable you to comment upon it before it is made into any form of building plan. Our vision encompasses several key areas:

  • You will see there is a provision for a new cricket pitch (A) adjacent to the existing one. This is something that the cricket club needs in order to continue with its long term development. This ground will be maintained to the same high level as the current pitch. This facility can also be used for a whole range of other community activities.
  • There is a generalised plan showing the position and size of a new community centre (B). This would house a bar, meeting rooms, stage and multipurpose main function room. These facilities would allow a range of activities including badminton, table tennis, indoor bowls, skittles and a theatre to name but a few.
  • Alongside the New Community Centre there is an outline for some affordable housing (C). This would be a mixture of one bed flats and two and three bedroom houses.
  • At the far end there is also provision for some larger four bedroom houses (D). Building these would provide a major source of the funding required to build the new community centre.

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How this vision finally turns out is up to you. As a local resident you will have a major say in what is developed. This concept represents the very early stages of the consultation process and we will be holding a series of public meetings over the next few months where you can see the ideas and comment on them and also bring your own.