Latest News:

The Housing Needs Survey for the Parish of Steeple Langford is being conducted at the moment. If you live in the Parish of Steeple Langford or would like to in the future visit:http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/hnssteeplelangford.htm

Although it has been some time since the last public meeting, plans for the next stage in the new Langford Community and Sports facility are continuing to be worked on.
A considerable amount of time and effort has been spent by the Langford Vision Team finalising negotiations with the local landowner and drawing up the necessary legal documents to move the project forward. We have also had to wait until the latest local Housing Needs Survey has been completed as this is a key part of the overall planning process. Further progress reports and updates will be made via this website, our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/langfordvision, the Messenger and Parish Noticeboards. We are also planning to hold another public consultation meeting in the next few months.
This website is dedicated to providing information to the residents of the Langfords in the Wylye Valley Wiltshire about developing a New Community and Sports Centre and providing affordable housing at the same time.

This information is being provided by the Langford Community and Sports Association (LCSA) the body that manages the Langford Recreation Ground. The LCSA have developed this Vision to show what could be realistically achieved if there is enough local support. What is finally developed is very much up to the local community to decide and a the first public consultation took place on Monday 2 September 2013 in Langford Village Hall. The feedback was very positive from residents of the Parish and further afield.